8 Projects tagged with "generative music"


    Installation & AV Performance What is non-choclear sound? They are the first words of a famous article, "On the non-cochlearity of sounds themselves", where Dr.

  • Harbour

    Harbour is a generative ambient music application to soothe your soul.

  • MelloToneGen is a generative ambient music and noise machine application for OS X. Built with Max/MSP, it runs as a native Mac application, and creates soothing, meditative soundscapes, using sounds of nature recorded in the Pacific Northwest, along with algorithmically-generated synthetic tones. You can choose from multiple soundscape themes, created from layers of original field recordings.

  • The Soundhunters Project

    SOUNDHUNTERS is an interactive documentary experience which aims to capture the world in samples and transform it into music. FROM NOTES TO NOISE For a long time, it seemed to be an insurmountable boundary: on one side organised sound, music made up of notes and scores, and on the other noise, which seemed random and arbitrary. Pierre Schaeffer, the father of musique concrète, invited us to consider music in terms of any sound at all, including voices.

  • In this video, improvisor is used together with Sonic Charge's Synplant and Microtonic instruments.


    ENTRE/ICI is a semi-generative audio video creation realized as an extra project inside a more long term pedagogical work with children working on a kind of photographical testimony about the transformations of their changing environment/neighborhood being renovated in the Quartier Croix Rouge, Reims, France.

  • Algorithmic Music Generator: Beep Bleep ZOMG!

    Techniques used in Max/MSP in Creating: Beep Bleep ZOMG!   When I decided to use Max/MSP to compose my piece: Into the Metaverse on some cosmological Bubble, I was very daunted at what I should do.

  • This project aims to bring drawing and music a step further and introduce the connection between the two arts in an interactive and intuitive way.

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