9 Projects tagged with "gesture"


    The piece Scanners copes with the physical qualities of instrumentalists in electro-acoustic music.

  • Babil-on V2

    Contemporary Performance

    • Title: Babil-on V2
    • Composer/Designer/performer: Greg Beller
    • Duration: 25min
    • World Premiere: ISEA2015, AV Disruption, Vancouver BC, Canada, 17th of August 2015
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    Babil-on V2 is a performance of augmented musical theater which describes metaphorically the fate of the speech.

  • The Synekine Project

    Innovation, Scientific and Performative Researches The Synekine Project brings together performance and scientific research to create new ways to express ourselves.

  • Gesture Granulator

    The name Gesture Granulator speaks for itself.

  • Story of a Shaped Sound

    Story of a shaped sound explores the ideas of Pierre Schaeffer to “shape” a recorded sound.

  • motionLoop

    Create musical patterns using 4 layers of gestures. This MIDI maxForLive device helps you create musical patterns with mouse gestures.

  • Since 1989 I have been exploring improvisation and realtime interaction on the electric cello using the computer and video.

  • Kinect DJ Maxx

    "Because the computer removes you from your body, the body should be strongly engaged.

  • Here's the second version of this audiovisual installation. The device has been reviewed for a kinect integration, thanks to [jit.freenect.grab] and to all the community. Now you can interact with your avatar through the depth of the field which faces the screen and moreover, the behaviour of all the system has been complexified to allow an amazing interactive relation with the program. Through your gestures in all direction of the space, you modify the sound synthesis and computer graphics. You can act on wind frequency, intensity and tone, on the rate of generative melodies, and on the vectors orientation and blur effects in a complex relation.

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