8 Projects tagged with "Interactive Art"

  • Homeostasis

    Homeostasis is an interactive installation for 2 people that share his heart’s beat and some hand manipulation to find the perfect harmony. This project aims to compare the theoretical aspects of my Ph.D.

  • Invisible Wall

    Invisible Wall is an interactive art installation by an artist duo from Kazakhstan, theZwo. The concept splits between spatial object hidden in a dark space of the gallery as a static part and light and sound components to the installation as an interactive part. Audience is encouraged to enter dark space and flash the light onto the sculpture which reacts to light and thus change the soundscape within the space. Spatial sculpture is built from  several rows of thin metal wires crossing the room in simple geometrical pattern.

  • GRIDI – A large scale midi sequencer

    This project is a realisation of an idea I had in my head for a while.

  • Created an interactive environment for participants to explore using their body as the controller for a fully immersive experience.

  • Omega Point

    Omega Point is an audiovisual interactive installation that uses Kinect and Max.

  • Dag (fish) is a DJ

    The interesting nature of the fish motion is introduced here in an onstage installation which contains six chapters of live electronic/experimental music.


    ICARE IN SITU is an adaptation of the myth of Icarus from Ovid's Metamorphoses. It's a multimedia sculptural transcription of this myth, by Thomas Sillard. The Icarus story as an allegory of the various struggles that we must take to survive.

  • Syndyn – Artistic Sport Game


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