45 Projects tagged with "kinect"

  • Macchina Performativa 7

    The Macchina Performativa 7 is a logic system created as prototype for the realization of the chamber-opera “Patrick”.

  • Der Cryptochron

    As we believe that time and space are inextricably connected, we commonly perceive the progression of time as motion - either by the motion of our surroundings or by our own movement in space.

  • Yohkoh

    Contemporary Music, Hörspiel

    • Title: Yohkoh
    • Type: Contemporary Music
    • Composer: Greg Beller
    • Duration: 8min 30s
    • World Premiere: "Boites noires" exhibition, Planétarium de Vaulx-en-Velin, France, 9th of December 2015
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    To listen to Yohkoh, find a quiet place, put your earphones, switch off the light, and let it go.

    Yohkoh means ray of sunshine in Japanese.

  • Connections

  • KiNstrument

  • Nike Freestore

    Nike Freestore is a flexible robotic store.

  • Babil-on V2

    Contemporary Performance

    • Title: Babil-on V2
    • Composer/Designer/performer: Greg Beller
    • Duration: 25min
    • World Premiere: ISEA2015, AV Disruption, Vancouver BC, Canada, 17th of August 2015
    • Watch the preview
    • more info
    Babil-on V2 is a performance of augmented musical theater which describes metaphorically the fate of the speech.

  • Umbra is an interactive dance performance that uses Max/Msp and Jitter along with a webcam to track the dancers movement which is manipulated with Jitter in real time.

  • Do You See Yourself In Code?

    Commissioned for the BBC’s make it digital event, the brief was ‘to get children into code’.

  • reversible reaction – interactive installation

    reversible reaction takes its inspiration from the chemical phenomenon in which reactants and products can form each other, oscillating between chemical states.

  • Omega Point

    Omega Point is an audiovisual interactive installation that uses Kinect and Max.

  • In this Composición colectiva III: Campanas de cocina [Collective Composition III: Kitchen Bells], metal kitchen bowls are used as bells that are virtually hit when a person approaches them. Within this area the sound produced will be modified according to the position of the body, and it will change following its movements. On the video version there are seven hanging bowls, each one of them is connected to contact mics that send the resonance of the metal to a computer Max/processing patch.

  • Potential Entity

    On the surface the flow of information in Nature appears to be chaotic and un-programmable.

  • Old Fashioned Room at Zeeuws Museum

    The Old Fashioned Room is a modern reconstruction of the style room which was exhibited in the late 60s at the Zeeuws Museum.

  • The Grote Kerk in The Hague was the venue for a special exhibition about two exceptional men of the Dutch Golden Age: Constantijn and Christiaan Huygens.

  • Triangles is an excerpt from 'No Less than the Trees and the Stars' the culmination of an intensive three week research period which took place in Fumbally Court Studio and DanceHouse Ireland.

  • av@ar

    The interactive and audiovisual installation av@ar puts the relationship between people and their medial reflection in the center of the experience.

  • .gif Portraits

    .gif Portraits is a formal(ish) portrait series I created to capture images of my friends and family and give them a .gif file that is uniquely theirs.

  • We are MARCO DOMENICHETTI (it) and JOAN LAPORTA (ca), from Barcelona.

  • Baloica

    Baloica, created by Elas Duas, is a temporary sound installation set at the old Convento das Dominicas in the city of Guimarães.

  • Kinect sensor running through Max/MSP/Jitter.

  • I/O – Interactive Marble Run

    I/O is an interactive experience that moves between the digital and the physical worlds. A Wooden marble run becomes an interactive journey.

  • What? Zeph.yr is an interactive dance performance which gives the audience an immersive all encompassing, transportive sensory experience. Why? To create something that hasn’t existed or been experienced before, to instil in the audience a sense of wonder. Tree Rebecca’s singing is reflected in the growth or bloom of the branches and leafs.

  • Reflection

    Reflection is a performance-installation hybrid work, created entirely with Max. Audience members enter a room, sit, stare, converse, sleep, stretch, laugh, fart, whatever they feel, in the presence of a digital puppet.

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