3 Projects tagged with "laser"

  • Maxwell – Laser Synth & Abstract Generator

    Maxwell is the world's first cross-plaftorm software laser synth and real-time abstract generator for both Mac and PC that allows direct control over a laser projector.

  • laser cyanotype (laser dye)

    inspired by Robert Henke's "Fragile Territory", I use max/msp to generate/mix audio waves for controlling the galvanometers inside the laser projectors and to generate the graphic by jitter and some simple kaleido and fractal effects. Inspired by the oldest photographic printing process "cyanotype", laser dye is an optical dyeing method that makes digital fabric printing process possible at home, by hacking the conventional laser projector (with galvanometers), it is turned into an optical fabric printer, hence the users are able to laser print single color graphic on fabric or 3d objects in massive sizes (150*150cm at this moment).

  • Fragile Territories

    Installation for four white lasers and sound Powerful laser beams draw a floating white object on a thirty meter wide and six meter high wall in a completely dark space, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light. Sometimes the shapes are barely visible, sometimes they explode into extreme brightness.

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