20 Projects tagged with "light"


    „Black Mirror“ is a concert installation in an and around an abandoned hotel located at the city border of Luxembourg.

  • Cluster

    Cluster is an immersive audiovisual site-specific installation that explores relationships between space, time and perception.


    The piece Scanners copes with the physical qualities of instrumentalists in electro-acoustic music.

  • Interactive Augmented Gamelan

    Instruments from the Augmented Gamelan ensemble presented as an interactive installation, using rule-based part generation, synthesis, and light control in Max.

  • "JEG", means I in English. A theatre play for kids. It examines identity and the line where I starts and end. One of the actors is deaf, the other can hear. Both use sign-language. The voice is prerecorded voiceover.


    First version of “Into the Void”, a series of audiovisual installations exploring physical structures creating light and shadows with immersive audiovisual spaces. A array of triangles is placed on the floor, each one has a LED strip on the back which are connected to an Arduino.

  • KRK SoundShadows

    This installation refers to characteristic soundscapes of Krakow. By moving hands above a map of the city, visitors can experience various soundscapes of different parts of the city. It’s built using light sensors which react on the changing of the light while hovering the map with hands.

  • Stellar

    An interactive installation which aims to create a sonification of stars and constellations data through a dedicated interface. Since there’s no sound in space, I wanted to to conceptualize a link between electromagnetic and sound waves allowing visitors to learn about specific stars through sound information. Two players can use the system at the same time, by moving their right hands over the two black, circular sensors. The data rendered for each star are: temperature (color index: red star = old and cold, blue star = hot and young), brightness (as seen from Earth), distance (from Earth) respectively mapped into: frequency (Hz), amplitude (dB), duration (ms). The project has been developed using Arduino, Leap Motion and Max7.

  • In Futurum

    installation for piano parts and LEDs

    Anticipating John Cage’s more famous “silent” piece 4’33’’ by thirty years, Erwin Schulhoff’s (1894-1942) In Futurum for solo piano (1919) is nothing but rests in both hands, supplemented by question mark articulations, cryptic smiles made of slurs, and cheeky directions (“play the whole piece with expression and feeling freely, always, to the very end!“).

  • Invisible Wall

    Invisible Wall is an interactive art installation by an artist duo from Kazakhstan, theZwo. The concept splits between spatial object hidden in a dark space of the gallery as a static part and light and sound components to the installation as an interactive part. Audience is encouraged to enter dark space and flash the light onto the sculpture which reacts to light and thus change the soundscape within the space. Spatial sculpture is built from  several rows of thin metal wires crossing the room in simple geometrical pattern.

  • Sensate Focus

    For electric guitar, bass clarinet, percussion, violin, live-electronics and animated light 2014 Program Notes Abstract: Cats were reared in a light-tight box in which the only source of illumination was a 9-psec strobe flash every 2 sec.

  • ljós - an immersive audiovisual installation by Barthélemy Antoine-Lœff.

  • A strange letter sent in 1943 by a certain Prof.

  • Lucky Dip

  • Fragile Territories

    Installation for four white lasers and sound Powerful laser beams draw a floating white object on a thirty meter wide and six meter high wall in a completely dark space, slowly evolving shapes, edges and curves of shimmering, pulsating light. Sometimes the shapes are barely visible, sometimes they explode into extreme brightness.

  • The Urban Lightguide – Rnul Interactive

    For the Rotterdam Museumnight Rnul made this interactive sound and light installation where people could participate in.

  • 'Ad Sensorem' is my first, simple installation.

  • Syndyn – Artistic Sport Game


  • MSP. Meyer. Schulze. Purkrabek.

    MSP was a collaborative art-project that attempted to connect sound and light by focusing on their basic properties -- waves traveling through space.


    The object is connected to the busiest porno server in the world.

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