5 Projects tagged with "lights"

  • Bosco di Luce EXPO2015

  • Video is from a performance by Rodrigo Constanzo using snare/percussion/objects, The Party Van, and DMX lights filmed by Angela Guyton at Bacon Jam Collective on 9 December 2015.

    In the performance The Party Van and the DMX lights are being controlled by a Max patch which moves through different interaction/behavior types (ranging from one-to-one onset=color mapping, to more complex interactions based on automatic recording/playback). In addition to the defined interaction/behavior types there is a body of prerecorded light patterns (flashes, blips, and heart rate throbs) that were recorded by Angela using a separate Max patch which selects a grid of pixels from a larger image and uses that as the pool of available colors in a kind of color granular synth.

  • Created an interactive environment for participants to explore using their body as the controller for a fully immersive experience.


    Performance group 31 DOWN is back with their signature sonic destruction.

  • The An-Archic Device

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