12 Projects tagged with "maxforlive"

  • M4LGranular

    M4L GRANULAR is a better and more simple polyphonic granular synthesiser for Ableton Live.

  • Source

    Source is a random voltage/API control source for the M4L platform. There are three sample and hold “circuits” with external or internal modulation possibilities. There are two versions, a CV version and a MIDI version. The output could be mapped to any parameter in Live. Almost every knob/button/selector could be automated from Live. SOURCE A The main trigger triggers all of the 3 sources.

  • Time Layer – Max for Live Device

     Time Layer Website Time Layer is a Spectral Time-Stretching and Looping Max for Live Device built with Live Performance in mind.

  • Max For Live MiniRude v1.1 Synth

  • You are here… somewhere else

    Playful and poetic installation, You are Here… Somewhere Else is a monumental device urban interactive maps, a journey that begins under your feet, in your neighborhood, and takes you into the stars. Come to the game of video projected lights, symbols, details and videos where space moves in a fun and interactive human mapping.

  • Mixer

    Mixer is a controller that places Ableton Live's "Mixer" into Liine Lemur for the iPad.

  • XLFO

    This free/pay-what-you-want device is an extension of the LFO device that comes with Live.

  • REF

    The Rad Envelope Follower REF is a Max For Live envelope follower with advanced features.

  • All in one, is a project for investigating how powerfully can be M4L with implementation of all multiple possibilities.

  • Whitebox Ambibell

    Inspired by Ableton's Ambient and Evolving instruments, this is an ambient soundscape thing. I've used patches from Pluggo's Big Ben Bell, Chamberverb, Raindrops Stereo Filter Delay and Mormo's Pitch Drop to try and make an atmospheric sound maker that Eno might be happy with. New in V1.7: All Droplet Effect controls are now visible. Pitch Slide Time dial is also visible. TIPS.

  • SmileForLive is a small device that makes tonal glitchy music out of know parameters.

  • v2.5

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