5 Projects tagged with "max/MSP"

  • Gamepad-controlled live-electronics

    Live-electronic transformation of audio material in an improvised context requires very fast access to the given effects.

  • #Carbonfeed

    Tweets release air bubbles and electronic sounds that allow viewers to see and hear the environmental cost of online behavior and its supportive physical infrastructure.

  • CDM (Convulse, Die, Mourn)

    Overwhelmed by pain, shock, or grief, these three actions demonstrate how we may lose control of our physical bodies, revealing just how fragile we are. Video documents performance at the International Computer Music Conference (ICMC) in Denton, TX on Sept.

  • Midi Fighter Multi-Sample

    This is a Max for Live patch which allows for up to three separate samples to be assigned to any of the trigger buttons on the Midi Fighter controller by applying different output velocities to the triggered MIDI note depending on the duration for which the button on the Midi Fighter is depressed.

  • Timbre Space Mapping for VST Synthesizers

    The Timbre Space Mapping for VST Synthesizers (TMS4VSTS) is a system which implements mappings between control interfaces and parameters of sound synthesizers through timbre spaces.

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