5 Projects tagged with "metronome"

  • MetroKit 2

    MetroKit 2 is a metronome with a variety of features to satisfy musicians on any level, from beginners to experts.

  • Metronomica

    In this project I've used piezoelectric sensors up on the instruments, audio to midi converters, envelope followers, OSC sender for cross platform controlling Resolume Arena and DMX lighting by Ableton Live, various audio effects for the processed saxophone sound.

  • metroKit – metronome

    metroKit is a metronome! It includes all the features you need to practice with any musical instrument. Features: - Speed Trainer. Select starting and target tempo, how how much you want the tempo to increase after how many bars, and start! Begin your difficult exercises slow and speed them up at your pace. - Rhythm Trainer. Select how many bars you want to hear, and how many to mute.

  • Adaptive, programmable metronome for training speed and precision. Struggling to play along your favorite licks and solos? Speed Upp will guide you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by listening and adapting to your skills or by following tempo according to on-screen graph.

  • TapNTune

    TapNTune brings to your desktop something that was until now only available in hardware form: namely, a combination tuner and metronome that runs from a single window.

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