12 Projects tagged with "monome"

  • The filter VCF also cuts OSC 1-2, FREQ-GLIDE - and Glide LFO effects It works in conjunction with Glide, adding Noise transforming it into the Crack! Filtering we can send it to the ENV.

  • GranuRise

    Granurise is a real-time Looper, Sampler and Granular synth which integrates with the outside world trough Ipad Mira, Midi–MPE and OSC.

  • VIDI

  • ARC4 Granular

  • Plumbutter + Monome

  • MIRAnome64 is the basic monome64 for MIRA iPad application. Basically, it is a proof of concept but a fully fonctional monome64 protocol implementation in Max6 / MIRA for your iPad. Small story MIRA is a very interesting and new Max6 integration of a framework providing ability to instantly with zero configuration mirroring your patch into iPAD. A lot of systems already exist for controlling Max6, and other softwares using iPad but each one requires even a bit of configuration or even hardcore one and this particular point can be frightening for non-programmer users. MIRA's zero configuration provides a way in which the whole configuration is stored on the computer side and those who read my interview and this ebook knows I totally agree with this way as the modern and futuristic one. You can find some very early Max for Live implementation of MIRA here monome is one of the most minimalistic, beautiful & smart way of interface I really like. Brian Crabtree + Kelli Cain designed very minimal hardware with a button matrix + a led matrix. No coupling between button & led is made inside the box, you can couple this on the computer side.

  • pad

  • The Chocolate Grinder

  • The Party Van

    The Party Van is an 'all-in-one' performance patch built primarily around live sampling and improvisation. It is built to be controlled by a Monome64, but everything functions with or without a Monome.   Features: 2 sample/loopers with overdub, halfspeed, and reverse functionality.

  • Creating drum patterns with a monome and shaping the individual sounds that make up those patterns with a touchscreen visualization.

  • ~SerpentEclipse)

  • MonomeVideo

    Monome-oriented video mixing "framework" for Max/Jitter.Originally started working off of Andrew Benson's tutorial and then just kept learning, adding, and expanding. It's been used multiple times in performances, video installations, and projects.

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