9 Projects tagged with "motion tracking"

  • Color Responsive Space

    CRS is an interactive installation that separates reads a video signal and tracks the movement of the 10 colors in the space to generate sounds and motion graphics.

  • Shape Shifter

    The final patch had to be paired down because I had too many videos running at once and only one projector.

  • fishPlay1.0

  • New Delhi Audiograph

    New Delhi Audiograph An interactive, audiovisual installation by Paweł Janicki, the work treats some elements of the Hindi language as a structural foundation of a musical composition.

  • Fraktal Glass Bead Game: interactive installation

    The "Fraktal Glass Bead Game" installation is inspired on Hermann Hesse's famous book "The Glass Bead Game", where an advanced civilization had a group of gifted men dedicated to a spiritual, refined and sophisticated game, mixing music, culture and philosophy.

  • Phases

    Phases is an Interactive multiuser audiovisual installation. Project by Danio Catanuto and Stefano Scarani with the collaboration of Daniele Suffritti Choreography: Cristina Bartolomé Product manager: Dalila Sena Production: AGON acustica informatica musica Premiere: Technè05 exposition, Milano 2005 Phases shifts between isorhythm and interference.

  • Lost Angel

  • Posture Man Pat

    This app reminds you to sit up straight when you're by your computer.

  • Head in Space

    HiS is a system capable of detecting the position of the listener through a head-tracking system (based on faceAPI optical tracker by Seeing Machine) and rendering a 3D audio environment by binaural spatialization.

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