4 Projects tagged with "physics"

  • Moshpit

    A two-dimensional model of moshers, similar to a disordered gas. Based on research by Jesse Silverberg and Matthew Bierbaum.

  • Spinrag festival Kortrijk Belgium

    For the Spinrag festival in Kortrijk Rnul created a video installation for children.

  • STM~ Duality | Performance

    AV PERFORMANCE 2K projection | 2.1ch sound Duration: 30" STM~ is an ongoing collaborative research project by Luis Sanz and Niculin Barandun resulting in a series of works about quantum physics. «STM~ Duality» is inspired by wave–particle duality.

  • postrush music video

    This video was made using a jitter patch that triggered the launching of platonic solids into a virtual space in response to MIDI messages.

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