9 Projects tagged with "processing"

  • #Carbonfeed

    Tweets release air bubbles and electronic sounds that allow viewers to see and hear the environmental cost of online behavior and its supportive physical infrastructure.


    First version of “Into the Void”, a series of audiovisual installations exploring physical structures creating light and shadows with immersive audiovisual spaces. A array of triangles is placed on the floor, each one has a LED strip on the back which are connected to an Arduino.

  • Electronic Cities generative installation

    ABSTRACT Electronic Cities is an A/V digital installation trying to mimic the different ways of designing urban landscapes.

  • geneSynth

    geneSynth explores genetic algorithms, multi-agent control, interactivity in music and the simulation of autonomous flocks or agents.

  • Saturation

    This project explores the low signal/noise ratio character of social networks through a poetic audio-visual piece using Twitter. Description / Synopsis Saturation is an audio-visual immersive & minimalist digital piece. From the deepest, dark and oppressive silence to the brightest light and grainy noise, Saturation accumulates bits of information from social networks and displays them progressively, making the aggregation and overlapping more visible as time passes.

  • What Line is it Anyway

    What Line is it Anyway? explores the way people interpret an adjective through the simple task of drawing a line.

  • Max/MSP Real-Time VJ Interface

    The concept behind my Max/MSP patch “VJ 1.0!” was to make a computer’s keyboard behave similar to an electronic drum pad; however instead of sounding an audio file, each keystroke causes a streaming video file to cut to a specific spot in its timeline, allowing the user to manually "cut up" a video in real-time to the beat of a song.

  • Alexander Schubert “Bureau del Sol”

    Alexander Schubert: "Bureau del Sol" for drumkit, saxophone and timecode-vinyl ~10' In "Bureau Del Sol" 2 musicians, playing acoustic instruments, interact with a third player controlling the live-electronics for the other two interprets.

  • Sound Design with Max/MSP manipulation

    At Zelig Sound, we found one of our composers/sound designers using Max/MSP to create very nice 'sonic-movements' and manipulations.

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