19 Projects tagged with "sampler"

  • GranuRise

    Granurise is a real-time Looper, Sampler and Granular synth which integrates with the outside world trough Ipad Mira, Midi–MPE and OSC.

  • Audition

    Audition is a flexible sample preview tool built in Max.

  • Babil-on V2

    Contemporary Performance

    • Title: Babil-on V2
    • Composer/Designer/performer: Greg Beller
    • Duration: 25min
    • World Premiere: ISEA2015, AV Disruption, Vancouver BC, Canada, 17th of August 2015
    • Watch the preview
    • more info
    Babil-on V2 is a performance of augmented musical theater which describes metaphorically the fate of the speech.

  • Sound Chopper 2

    Sound chopper 2 is the evolution of the previous sound chopper, it allows to use pre recorded sounds (and real time sound through a microphone) and manipulate it with his numerous effects. Sound Chopper 2 features a granulator, stretcher, pitch shifter, slicer and tremolo, panner, bit crusher, 8 different delays (mono and stereo) and 8 filters.

  • Plumbutter + Monome


    VOICES OF UMEÅ: SINGING INSTRUMENTS! is an exhibition with a bunch of interactive instruments built from everyday objects, with the purpose of exploring experimental music composition through a playful and inspiring process.


  • LOOPPAD 64

  • OK so this was a project I worked on back in May 2010 and thought people might be interested.

  • The 77_GS started as a pet project, turned into a solution to a particular task, and then became a performance instrument. The instrument is based on granular synthesis, which is a technique that can be explored and utilized in many different ways, yielding a great many different results.

  • Mac ONLY! Drag any sample onto the player to use this plug-in.

  • :{_ wiiAirDrum _}:

    This project originated as part of a Music Therapy Development Group at Berklee College of Music during the 2012 Spring Semester, led by Dr.

  • Audium Visium

    Audium Visium is an audiovisual, sample-based instrument created within a two week time span.

  • ErR

    ErR is a software sampling drum machine with a few twists.

  • The Lorelei Suite

    The Lorelei Suite comprises of three different applications, each one designed with a specific sound or compositional process in mind.

  • I used cv.jit for barycentre tracking of the hands in front of the camera in real time.

  • Cutupsampler

    Cutupsampler performs a cut-up of a sound file and maps the various cuts to keys on a MIDI keyboard or computer keyboard. Cutupsampler is about embracing unpredictability as artistic inspiration; the software fractures your sound and you put the pieces together in new ways, performing them by hand. Whereas most samplers are concerned with playing a particular sample at musical pitches on the keyboard, or playing discrete samples that are mapped individually to specific keys, Cutupsampler's approach is to divide a single sound among multiple keys — fracturing the original sound, without any attempt to transpose the cuts to musical pitches. If you register for a free Echo Nest API key, Cutupsampler will allow you to analyze your samples to cut them up on beats, bars, and "segments." Cutupsampler is provided free and open-source.

  • Large Hadron Sound Collider

  • Party Favor

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