33 Projects tagged with "sequencer"

  • g.Seq.r

    g.Seq.r is a 16 step sequencer which allows you to experiment with rhythmic variation by leveraging the power of a genetic algorithm to ‘evolve’ new and unexpected patterns from a target.

  • After exploring algorithmic and generative composing for a while, I want to make an app that is intuitive and easy to use, fits for all kinds of music, increases the chance you come up with something you want and easy to change a single note, the result is ITVL (Interval).

  • A Basic Piece in Constant Beat

  • La mélodie du bonheur

    Contemporary Music

    • Title: La mélodie du bonheur
    • Type: Music album - 10 sound tracks of 6min each
    • Composer: Greg Beller
    • World Premiere: "Boites noires" exhibition, Vaulx-en-Velin, France, 29th of September 2015
    • more info
    • see also EBMS

    La mélodie du bonheur is the musicalization of the emotions of our society.

  • simple sequencer

  • Laser Equipped Annihilation Protocol

    The room is pitch black and filled with the hollow sound of a machine breathing.

  • Compositor Max For Live

    Unlike many random generators, Compositor Max For Live gives predictable results with algorithmic approach.

  • Sunset32

    Sunset 32 is a controllable MIDI User Interface powered by MaxMSP.

  • Synaesthetic Sequencer

    Synaesthetic Sequencer takes its title from the notion of synaesthesia, the sensation some people have whereby one form of sensory stimulation provokes a response in one of the other five senses. In the case of the Synaesthetic Sequencer, colours perceived via a video camera are converted into spontaneously composed music in real time. Synaesthetic Sequencer breaks down a scene into an 8x8 grid of colours.

  • There are uncountable number of commercial programs for sequencing and modulating sounds, but I think that the more interesting and unique  are the home-made and self designed digital tools. Here we'd like  to share an example of our way in the band to sequence music on stage or in studio.

  • VOCALOOP is a loop sequencer gadget focused on timbre and voice of the Japanese.

  • 4×8


  • OK so this was a project I worked on back in May 2010 and thought people might be interested.

  • Uzz Ultimate Ztep Zequencer

    UZZ inspired on Ultimate Step Sequencer (USS) Created by Len Sasso. Features: Position, flash the number of step. Mode, Play or Stop position for each step- Pitch, pitch for each step 12.

  • _ultraGlitcher for Ableton Live

    FEATURES - 3 fx stages based on step sequencing * frequency modulator modulating the input with a raw and gloomy carrier * crusher crushing bit depth resolution + sample rate of the input * dirty delay delaying and modulating the feedback on very uncanny manners - independant step sequencers for audio-channels L/R - global bypass switch - global dry/wet - master shaper envelope based with retriggering rate The signal pass thru several internal modules, successively: - frequency modulator - crusher - dirty delay Each module are based on a step sequencer, except the step shaper. Each module can have its own step number.

  • motionLoop

    Create musical patterns using 4 layers of gestures. This MIDI maxForLive device helps you create musical patterns with mouse gestures.

  • Analog synth jam video featuring Paia Fatman connected via MIDI to Percussa AudioCubes via improvisor, free generative music software. Improvisor is an application that was built in Max/MSP 5 and which uses the free external for Max/MSP, to communicate with audiocubes hardware.

  • Euclidean Rhythm Generator

    A MAX FOR LIVE DEVICE. Version 2.3 with new Dynamic / Density modulation feature. Inspired by the paper 'The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms' by Godfried Toussaint.

  • telePort

  • Word Sequencer

    I go to Berklee College of Music and major in Electronic Production and Design.

  • FEATURED BY SYNTHTOPIA & CDM BLOG After the uniques Uncanny Sequencer & The Matrix Sequencer, here is a totally new one, based on euclidean algorithms ...

  • CycliC Step Sequencer

    CycliC, is a software-based step sequencer,developed in collaboration with Olivier Gillet of Mutable Instruments. It is based on a very straightforward concept: up to 6 independent “subsequences” traverse through a 32 step note array.

  • The MatriX for Ableton Live

    This is a real-time sequencer machine for Ableton Live / Max for Live. IT is really dedicated to the design of unique sequences for idm, braindance music & polyrhythmic.

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