2 Projects tagged with "social network"

  • The Soundhunters Project

    SOUNDHUNTERS is an interactive documentary experience which aims to capture the world in samples and transform it into music. FROM NOTES TO NOISE For a long time, it seemed to be an insurmountable boundary: on one side organised sound, music made up of notes and scores, and on the other noise, which seemed random and arbitrary. Pierre Schaeffer, the father of musique concrète, invited us to consider music in terms of any sound at all, including voices.

  • Saturation

    This project explores the low signal/noise ratio character of social networks through a poetic audio-visual piece using Twitter. Description / Synopsis Saturation is an audio-visual immersive & minimalist digital piece. From the deepest, dark and oppressive silence to the brightest light and grainy noise, Saturation accumulates bits of information from social networks and displays them progressively, making the aggregation and overlapping more visible as time passes.

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