3 Projects tagged with "sync"

  • Key Link API

    Wish Key Signatures could be synchronized between applications? They can! Heres a logically ordered list of all possible note combinations within 12TET with assigned OSC values. Theres room to include scales beyond 12TET, but at the moment it is centered around that particular temperament. In thinking of other temperaments, we are considering floating point values between the current integers, or extending the list to be much longer. Download the Docs: http://automusician.com/keylink.html Join the discussion: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/keylink

  • CrossClock 1.0

  • Quantized Audio Splicer (Tutorial #1)

    A simple patch/tutorial showing you how to splice an audio file into 4 parts, and trigger these different parts via the numbers "1" through "4" on your computer keyboard.

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