2 Tools tagged with "3D geometry"

  • This tool hosts Afterglow, a free, open-source live-coding environment for creating light shows using any interface compatible with the Open Lighting Architecture, entirely inside Max. It allows Max patchers to control the lighting cues, including adjusting their parameters as each frame of lighting control information is generated, so you can do things like using audio analysis or vizzie to create effects on a huge lighting grid. The tool page describes the Max objects that the package offers, and explains how to install the Open Lighting Architecture.

  • jasch objects v 0.5

    A suite of over 100 externals extending the MaxMSP environment. The jasch objects library was first published in 2002. Since then it has grown to cover such diverse uses as: - 3D geometry - curves and splines - C string manipulations - DSP functions - ascii, angle, binary and color conversions - file system operations - advanced list operations - advanced math operations - patcher scripting - shorthand objects - various utilities - xml composition and parsing For a full listing of the externals see here. The library is released under the LGPL v 2.

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