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  • (A YouTube video in which I demonstrate TransposerRT can be found here.  Please forgive the amateurish quality of the video; you'll hear background noise from my family, as well as pops and clicks from the freeware screencasting software I was struggling with.  I'm much better at making M4L devices than YouTube videos, I promise!) Have you ever wished that you could play notes on one MIDI track, and have those notes be applied as pitch transpositions to what's playing on other MIDI tracks?  Well, now you can.  TransposerRT is a freely downloadable pair of Max For Live MIDI Effect devices -a Sender and a Receiver- which together make Ableton Live much more flexible for improvisation, allowing you to send pitch transpositions to multiple MIDI tracks simultaneously on the fly. For example, say you have a bass track and a string pad track each playing their own clip, while you improvise the melody on another track.

  • HoaLibrary v2.2

    The CICM is pleased to announce this new release of the HOA Library. The HOA library allows musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound fields (in 2d and 3d) in a creative and artistic way.

  • Pop Up Play Mixed Reality System

        The Pop Up Play project explored how immersive digital technology can be used to create learning opportunities for children and young people, in order to enhance their creativity, language and communication skills. The project was funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and was a joint project between The Spark Arts for Children, De Montfort University and Dotlib Ltd (Luke Woodbury). The Pop Up Play system is comprised of three parts - a video system, audio system and a lighting system.

  • sync’ing looper

  • cage

    cage is a package of abstractions based upon the bach library.

  • MaxComm

    MaxComm is a free iPad app for sending OSC messages to Max over a wifi network.

  • HoaLibrary v2

    The CICM is pleased to announce the new release of the HOA Library that includes 3D rendering. The HOA library  (High Order Ambisonics)  is a collection of C++ classes and a set of FAUST functions destined to sound spatialization.

    The HOA library allows musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound fields in a creative and artistic way.

  • This is a full video-based Step Sequencer/Drum Machine.

  • ICST Ambisonics Tools

  • Yofiel Polyvoice Trio

    A multichannel, polyphonic arpeggiator with played-note ordering in the arpeggiation.

  • atp.abstractions

    A large and growing repository of Max 5/6 abstractions, javascripts, shaders, etc I've made and found useful over the years.

  • Launchpad Router

    Launchpad is a utility that allows for the automatic filtering of messages from the Novation Launchpad into Max/MSP in a convenient format, and allows for lighting feedback to be sent back to the launchpad.

  • Macbook Keyboard

    Macbook Keyboard is a useful little abstraction for the convenient use of receiving keyboard messages.

  • Launchpad Controller for Max (and Mira)

    Control your Max patch with a Novation Launchpad.

  • VIZZable2

    VIZZable is a suite of video performance plugins for Ableton Live.

  • HoaLibrary

    Hoa Library is a collection of C++ classes and MAX/MSP objects destined to high order ambisonic sound reproduction.

  • Jamoma Modular

    Jamoma Modular for Max is a set of custom externals and patching guidelines for Max developers.

  • Raja’sLil’SamplingTutorial

    A monster max patch(with dynamically allocated CPU) containing basic demonstrations of objects and techniques for 'sampling' in Max/MSP, organized for easy copy and pasting.

  • Digital Orchestra Toolbox

    This “toolbox” is a collection of Max/MSP abstraction that we have found useful in the IDMIL for creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments.

  • Quasi-Granulizer

    Quasi-Granulizer is not a granular synthesizer, but it works on similar principles.

  • pg.library

  • The uc-33_midicontrol.pat implements a connection between Max 5 and the Evolution UC-33e Midi Interface. Usage: Place both [uc-33_midicontrol.maxpat] and [js uc-33.js] into the Max 5 directory and open the patcher. Instantiate new 'uc-33_midicontrol' object - there is an outlet for every control - Dials and Sliders. Move the UC-33e sliders and knobs - data is posted in the GUI console and the Max stderror detailing the control moved and it's midi value. Connect the outlets to other objects to control values from the UC-33e.

  • The patch is custom made for a Logitech Extreme 3d Pro joystick (under $30 just about anywhere).

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