13 Tools tagged with "granular"

  • Microsonic FM is a polyphonic granular synthesiser for Max4Live, based on quasi-synchronous granular synthesis techniques.

  • HoaLibrary v2.2

    The CICM is pleased to announce this new release of the HOA Library. The HOA library allows musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound fields (in 2d and 3d) in a creative and artistic way.

  • LowkeyNW Max package

    April 12, 2016: An updated version of this tool is now available in the Package Manager. This package gathers updated versions of projects that were formerly distributed separately as:

    • granular toolkit
    • gverb~
    • cpPan~
    It also includes several items that were lurking on my hard drive and never formally released, like the nw.recordplus~ external and some jsui code.

  • HoaLibrary v2

    The CICM is pleased to announce the new release of the HOA Library that includes 3D rendering. The HOA library  (High Order Ambisonics)  is a collection of C++ classes and a set of FAUST functions destined to sound spatialization.

    The HOA library allows musicians and composers to synthesize, transform and render sound fields in a creative and artistic way.

  • Raja’sLil’SamplingTutorial

    A monster max patch(with dynamically allocated CPU) containing basic demonstrations of objects and techniques for 'sampling' in Max/MSP, organized for easy copy and pasting.

  • Quasi-Granulizer

    Quasi-Granulizer is not a granular synthesizer, but it works on similar principles.

  • ag.granular.suite

  • bc.granulator

    bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat stereo and 5-Channel surround soundfile granulators screenshot here Notes on the patches -       Both patches are essentially identical except for the method of spatialisation -       The patches are distributed free for your use, however if you do something cool with them, I’d love to hear about it -       The patching is not extremely tidy, so I apologise in advance for any confusion if you decide to ‘pop the hood’ -       These patches have been tested on MaxMSP 5.1.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 only.

  • BarleyProcess~

    An older granular patch I adapted from Nobaysu Sakonda's granular patches (ca.

  • rye

  • Granulator

    granulator is a bang-based Max/MSP patch for real-time granulation of audio files.

  • granular stretcher

    Real-time, natural sounding granular time stretcher / pitch shifter, version 010, patches only.

  • GrainTools

    many moons ago I made a set of abstractions for doing my favourite granular tricks.

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