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  • jit grab iidc

    by sdf 2009-2012 Made in Max 5 specifically for the iSight camera, this utility patch gives quick access to some of the IIDC parameters of that camera.  The matrix output of jit.qt.grab is connected to a send object for getting the data into other patches.  The grab-to-disk patcher from jit.qt.grab.maxhelp is also connected, but is not available from presentation mode. Using jit_grab_iidc_005.maxpat

    • Make sure the iSight is connected to the FireWire of the Mac* you're using before starting Max; it might not matter, but it seems safer that way
    • When you click open it might beach-ball for a while, sometimes its quick, but it can take a long time; stay calm and listen for the sound of the iSight coming online;
    • there are two bang sources built into this patch: select local42 (you'll probably want to hack this bit of the patch unless you have a version of sdfsys)
    • view mode toggles between camera and mirror
    • down the right side of the patch, in presentation mode, are controls for nine iidc parameters: focus, gain, shutter, brightness, saturation, hue, exposure, temperature, edge_enhancement.  To use them they must first be switched on.

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