21 Tools tagged with "javascript"

  • LowkeyNW Max package

    April 12, 2016: An updated version of this tool is now available in the Package Manager. This package gathers updated versions of projects that were formerly distributed separately as:

    • granular toolkit
    • gverb~
    • cpPan~
    It also includes several items that were lurking on my hard drive and never formally released, like the nw.recordplus~ external and some jsui code.

  • JavaScript Object-Printer (v 1.1)

    This a Max 7  JavaScript module (or JS-Extension for Max 6.1) that prints the content of any JavaScript Object formatted (intended, with property names and data types) into the Max Console.

  • PatcherDashboard

    This javascript-based patch analyses and makes statistics on the content of another patch.

  • atp.abstractions

    A large and growing repository of Max 5/6 abstractions, javascripts, shaders, etc I've made and found useful over the years.

  • Launchpad Controller for Max (and Mira)

    Control your Max patch with a Novation Launchpad.

  • Max Jitter Javascript Documentation

    A simple JavaDoc style javascript reference.

  • The Consonant Keyboard

    The consonant keyboard is an instrument that allows you to incorporate more pure, justly-tuned intervals into standard equal temperament.

  • Binary, And not Binary, Counter

    So… I want to use Jitter to create objects and distribute them in the visual virtual space, and I need to create matrices with as many locations as objects I want to display. These objects are to be assigned coordinates and dimensions.

  • The uc-33_midicontrol.pat implements a connection between Max 5 and the Evolution UC-33e Midi Interface. Usage: Place both [uc-33_midicontrol.maxpat] and [js uc-33.js] into the Max 5 directory and open the patcher. Instantiate new 'uc-33_midicontrol' object - there is an outlet for every control - Dials and Sliders. Move the UC-33e sliders and knobs - data is posted in the GUI console and the Max stderror detailing the control moved and it's midi value. Connect the outlets to other objects to control values from the UC-33e.

  • RBTNK Automatic Bpatcher

  • MIDI to Message

    A totally awesome javascript that works in tandem with the midiin and midiout objects.

  • pucktronix.golgi.apparatus

    pucktronix.golgi.apparatus is a cellular automata-based music sequencer application, with OSC output. The interface is divided into two parts - the “world” on the left, and the control panel on the right. You can interact with the “world” in two ways, toggled by the checkbox on the bottom of the control panel - labeled “Toggle Block / Cell Draw Mode” While the box is unchecked, clicking in the “world” will toggle grid cells - a cell can be either “active” or “dead”. If the box is checked, clicking and dragging the mouse will draw a colored block over the “world” - up to 8 blocks can be added / edited with the “Block Number” buttons below the checkbox.

  • IanniX

    IanniX is a graphical standalone open-source sequencer, based on Iannis Xenakis works, for digital art.

  • This small javascript will parse data from midiin and print it out in human readable form in an LCD.

  • Nixie tube display for Max

  • Max ToolBox

    The Max ToolBox is a JavaScript based tool that simplifies some aspects of patching within the Max/MSP environment.

  • reminder.js

  • scrollpane.js

  • bbcomment

    an extended comment object implemented using jsui enabling pseudo-BBcode scripting for text layout.


    (Max Open-Source tools for Artificial Intelligence in Composition) is a collection of tools (Max 4.6 patches) that are designed to help developers create computer-generated music.

  • chances.js

    Chance table, input a list with percentages .

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