29 Tools tagged with "jitter"

  • Flowers (a glitchy experiment)

    Download the patch This is a project which is son of fortuity.

  • Multi-plane jit.fill

    Here’s an object which I’ve found very useful especially when dealing with DMX pixel-mapping data.

  • Pop Up Play Mixed Reality System

        The Pop Up Play project explored how immersive digital technology can be used to create learning opportunities for children and young people, in order to enhance their creativity, language and communication skills. The project was funded by the Digital R&D Fund for the Arts and was a joint project between The Spark Arts for Children, De Montfort University and Dotlib Ltd (Luke Woodbury). The Pop Up Play system is comprised of three parts - a video system, audio system and a lighting system.

  • datamatrix (M4L jitter)

    datamatrix is a Max/Jitter instrument that generates visuals by analysing the audio input.

  • PingSeq

  • Implementation of basic mouse events in jit.window and jit.pwindow.

  • This is a full video-based Step Sequencer/Drum Machine.

  • Square pattern generator

  • jit.gl.hap

    jit.gl.hap provides native support for the Hap quicktime codec.

  • Spectrogram Application

    By using the pfft object in Max MSP I created simple video source of 50 by 50 pixels (50×50 matrix) so it can be used as a control for a LED matrix of the same dimensions. The process if very simple, by generating a subpatch with pfft, you can get the frequency bin that is being processed at the moment with fftin~, using the sound coming from the computer’s microphone. And from the same object you take the real and imaginary parts of the spectral analysis, with which you can get the amplitude and phase of such bin. fftinfo~ gives you information about the current subpatch used by pfft~.

  • dp.kinect: external using Microsoft Kinect SDK

    dp.kinect is a native external for the Kinect which can be used within the Cycling ’74 Max development environment to control and receive data from your Microsoft Kinect. Full details, beta releases, downloads, etc.

  • Binary, And not Binary, Counter

    So… I want to use Jitter to create objects and distribute them in the visual virtual space, and I need to create matrices with as many locations as objects I want to display. These objects are to be assigned coordinates and dimensions.

  • Digital Orchestra Toolbox

    This “toolbox” is a collection of Max/MSP abstraction that we have found useful in the IDMIL for creating gesture processing patches for digital musical instruments.

  • jpg from mov

  • jit grab iidc

    by sdf 2009-2012 Made in Max 5 specifically for the iSight camera, this utility patch gives quick access to some of the IIDC parameters of that camera.  The matrix output of jit.qt.grab is connected to a send object for getting the data into other patches.  The grab-to-disk patcher from jit.qt.grab.maxhelp is also connected, but is not available from presentation mode. Using jit_grab_iidc_005.maxpat

    • Make sure the iSight is connected to the FireWire of the Mac* you're using before starting Max; it might not matter, but it seems safer that way
    • When you click open it might beach-ball for a while, sometimes its quick, but it can take a long time; stay calm and listen for the sound of the iSight coming online;
    • there are two bang sources built into this patch: select local42 (you'll probably want to hack this bit of the patch unless you have a version of sdfsys)
    • view mode toggles between camera and mirror
    • down the right side of the patch, in presentation mode, are controls for nine iidc parameters: focus, gain, shutter, brightness, saturation, hue, exposure, temperature, edge_enhancement.  To use them they must first be switched on.

  • pg.library

  • Instant Jitter Rendering Controls

    I've been working with various versions of this for a while now, and it saves me a lot of time so I thought I would share.

  • jit.openni (inc. Kinect)

    This is a Max Jitter external for OpenNI on Windows and Mac OSx. I caution everyone that OpenNI is dead.

  • Jit-Ogre

    Jit-Ogre is a Jitter external which embeds the functionality of the open source Ogre3D rendering engine, and exposes it to the Max environment.

  • Dual Video Mixer

    This is a project put together with the new VIZZIE modules (some modified,) a little bit of AUVI, some pieces of code found here and there all to create a live video mixer with loads of effects.

  • UBC Toolbox

    The UBC Toolbox is a collection of 50+ modules that can be used to quickly construct Max patches.

  • imp.dmx – DMX for Max.

    imp.dmx is a cross-platform collection of Max/MSP/Jitter abstractions for dealing with DMX data in various forms.

  • Spectral Tutorials

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