3 Tools tagged with "prototyping"

  • Korg nanoKontrol Max Package

    Korgnano is a software implementation of the Korg nanoKontrol USB controller.

  • b.blocks

    b.blocks is a library for Max/MSP/Jitter, providing a set of modules for quick prototyping in interactive multimedia systems. Existing modules include video analysis, audio and communication with external devices. Each module is an abstraction, used inside bpatcher objects, providing a set of controls for each module's main functions.

  • lowertone h.elpers

    We are proud to present our first product: h.elpers! h.elpers is pack of 16 addons for Max/MSP, that should help in faster and easier prototyping and learning. h.elpers consist of: h.cpu~ – meter of CPU usage h.dac~ – audio output with limiter and recorder h.del~ – delay with feedback and freeze options h.dw~ – easy dry/wet control h.ext~ – dynamic external audio routing h.meter~ – customizable audio signal meter h.midi_Key – converting computer keyboard into midi input h.midi_S – mapping for midi signals h.pan~ – panning module h.print – easier printing with gate h.psd~ – pseudo stereo delay h.rec~ – faster audio recording h.slider~ – for using dB curves for 0.

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