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    On this page, you can find people around the world who offer their skills as consultants or programmers for projects that use Max, MSP, and Jitter. If you consider yourself to be such a person, we encourage you to email us to be added to the list with this information when applicable - Contact: Website: Specialty: Area of Expertise: Location: More info:
    Visit this page for a list of various ways and places to learn Max or hire a Max programmer.
    Note: Cycling '74 provides this page as a courtesy to our customers and to our community. We do not personally endorse any workshops, individual consultants or trainers.

    United States

    Yago de Quay, PhD: Website: Specialty: experience in developing interactive systems for trade shows, sales events, galas, conferences, brand activations, TV, and festivals. Area of Expertise: Motion Capture, Gesture Recognition, Brain-computer Interfaces, Video Mapping, Dance, Virtual Reality Location: Brooklyn, New York More info: Yago is an award winning programmer and creative director. He has 8 years of experience in developing innovative creative platforms for events. Previous clients include Intel, NBC, Scion, and Brocade. 
    Nick Demopoulos: Website: Specialty: I have an MFA from Brooklyn College in Performance Interactive Media Art. I have been teaching music for over 20 years. I also have been using Max for 18 years. In a broader sense, I also use many other software platforms for sequencing and sound design and use those in conjunction with Max. I also have a lot of experience performing with Max in a standalone fashion and integrating sensors and micro controllers with Max. If you visit my website you can see and hear a lot of examples of my work that are more illustrative of what I do. Here are some direct links to live performances , Area of Expertise: Music composition, Sequencing, Sound Design, Interface design, Interactive performance, Improvisation. Location: United States More Info: ,
    Sam Galison: Website: Specialty: Interactive/experience design; robotics; embedded electronics and code for immersive installations, especially those using performance, video, and experimental hardware. Area of Expertise: Fine art and branded installation design, interactive audio and video processing, projection design incl. projection and LED mapping, custom embedded electronics, pop-up experiential brand activations. Location: San Francisco, CA More info: Sam is an artist, designer, and developer with a background in the theater and circus. He works with digital and traditional craft practices to create compelling, immersive experiences in a wide variety of media. He has 10 years of experience in design across digital, print, experimental, and interactive media, and specializes in creative tech and fine art installations. He has taught computational art and design at RISD, Brown, Parsons/The New School, and NYU, and works with agencies, institutions, and individuals to solve complex problems with creative, interdisciplinary design thinking. He holds an MFA in Digital + Media from RISD, and a BA in "Affective Engineering" from NYU Gallatin. 
    Jesse Gilbert: Website: Specialty: composer/projection designer/programmer/consultant Area of Expertise: OpenGL, depth tracking, OpenCV, audio synthesis & analysis, interaction design, network programming, MIDI, multi-threaded applications, automation, stream processing, agent based modeling, HTML5 integration, XML processing. Very experienced programmer with a wide range of real-world experience designing and deploying Max-based software. Location: California
    Thomas Martinez: Website: Speciality: Patient and Experienced Max Tutor. Great for projects with a deadline or just for fun! Area of Expertise: Video Manipulation for Live Performance and Installation. Audio Processing and Spatialization. Max for Live. See this link here for a Max Talk I did on some sound processing: More Info:
    Peter McCulloch: Website: http://petermcculloch.com Specialty: Composer, teacher, consultant, and programmer Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, M4L, pedagogy, poly~, gen~, interaction, Java, and SQL Location: Brooklyn, NY More info: I'm a Brooklyn-based composer who has been working with Max since the late 1990s. I've written a variety of applications using Max, such as a virtual model of the EML-200 analog synthesizer (free download in the projects section on the C'74 page) and AnalogKick for MaxForLive (available on I use Max extensively in my composition work, have also taught Max at the college level for the last eight years, and have extensive concert tech experience.
    Dafna Naphtali: Website: Specialty: Consultant/Programmer/SoundDesigner/Educator Area of Expertise: MaxMSP programming for live performance and installations; live sound processing; multi-channel sound, Jitter, MIDI and gestural control, programming robotic instruments, troubleshooting. Location: New York More info: I'm a Brooklyn-based composer/performer/programmer, working with Max since 1992 for my own performance projects. Since 1995 I have worked on over 50 artist-in-residence and client projects at Harvestworks, Engine 27 for private clients, in a very wide variety of projects for performance and installation. I teach Advanced Max/MSP/Jitter at New York University since 2008, and have taught Max privately, workshops, and in classes at NYU, Harvestworks, Brooklyn College, Bard College, since 1995.
    Peter Nyboer: Website: Specialty: Consultant and programmer Area of Expertise: MSP, Jitter, UI, JavaScript, Max for Live, MIDI hardware integration, networking More info: I've programmed several standalone applications for audio and video, both for sharing and for commerce. Using Max since 1992.
    Anthony Palomba: Website: Specialty: Composition, audio/visual performances and art installations Area of Expertise: DSP, sound design, electro-acoustic composition, generative graphics, game development (Playstation,Xbox,PC,Unity), custom app and plugin development Location: Austin, Texas More info: Anthony Palomba studied computer science as well as music composition at the University of Texas and has gone on to explore the many cross currents of art and technology. He brings many years of software development experience to the process of expressing creative ideas through various technologies. As a composer and sound designer he explores the use of these technologies to create new musical languages and expression. Likewise, many years in the game industry has made him well versed in the visual arts and generative graphics.
    Hans Tammen: Website: Specialty: Interactive Performance Area of Expertise: Interactive Audio & Video Location: Brooklyn, NY More info: I’m working with Max since 1999, when I started programming on my longest running project, the Endangered Guitar. Many other Max-related projects can be seen on my website. From 2001 to 2015 I directed the Education and Client Services Program at Harvestworks, focusing on all areas of Max/MSP/Jitter programming. I teach Jitter at School of Visual Arts (SVA) since 2013, and taught Max/MSP/Jitter courses at Sarah Lawrence College, CalArts, NYU, Hunter College, and at Harvestworks.
    Matt Wellins: Website: Specialty: Consultant and programmer Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, M4L, analog electronics Location: New York More info: Freelance since 2005, references available.


    Nathanaël Lécaudé: Twitter @natcl Website: http://lecaude.com Specialty: General Max programming, Jitter, Networking, DMX, Arduino/Teensy, Sensors, Hardware integration Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, Python More info: Speaks French and English. Been using Max since 2003.
    Sonia Paço-Rocchia: Please use contact form on my website Website: Specialty: Max/MSP/M4L, Arduino/Teensy, HTML/JavaScript/Web Audio/CSS/PHP Area of Expertise: composition, sound art, interactivity, kinetic art, performative arts Location: Online More info: International experimental music composer,  interactive sound and kinetic installation artist, bassoon with live electronics improviser,  instrument and sound automatons maker, live coder and web artist. Speaks French and English. Works as a programmer, teacher and maker for artists, musicians and researchers and around the world since 2006.
    Martin Ritter: Website: Specialty: Consultant, programmer, teacher Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Jitter, JS, interactive computer music

    Central America

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    South America

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    United Kingdom

    David Butler: Website: Specialty: Systems integration, installations, custom C-coded Max/Jitter objects Area of Expertise: Networked applications, advanced show control applications, lighting control (DMX, Art-Net), video & OpenGL More info: I work in the entertainment industry and am experienced in developing custom solutions for video/lighting/show control problems in very short timescales.
    Oli Larkin: see website Website: Specialty: consultancy, solutions for media projects, VST, AU, RTAS, AAX plugins, Custom max objects Area of Expertise: spatial audio systems and production, C++, audio synthesis and processing, interactivity, cross platform audio software development Location: York, UK More info: I am a Music Technologist based in York, UK. I have been working with Max for over ten years, and have used it in many high profile international sound art projects, for example The Morning Line . I teach Max at the University of York, in the Music Research Centre, where I work as a Research Support Programmer. Please see my CV for further info.
    Michael Sweeton: Website: Specialty: Standalone application development, Max for Live devices. Area of Expertise: Using randomisation within software to produce non-organic results. Interested in the art, not the boxes. More info: First began using Max at Huddersfield University (2008), worked on Max applications at IRCAM (2009), and developed commercial audio software at SirenAudio since 2011.
    Luke Woodbury: Website: Specialty: Consultancy, programming, hardware, interactive and multi-sensory installations, resources for special educational needs, immersive experiences and assistive technology Area of Expertise: Max/MSP/Jitter, Arduino, DMX lighting, OSC, tablet and wireless interfaces, vibro-tactile technologies, motion tracking More info: I have been performing, installing and doing daily work with Max for several years. I am currently contracted within a special needs school to continue development of their sensory studio.


    Alexis Baskind: Website: Specialty: electronic music producer, computer music designer and live electronic music performance (« Klangregie ») for contemporary and experimental music, record production, university teacher Area of Expertise: spatial audio, spatial hearing, digital audio processing, contemporary music, jazz, improvised music, HUI Location: Berlin, Germany More info: Alexis Baskind is a musician, sound engineer and author of technological solutions for audio production and listening systems. He first learned sound recording with Benoit Fabre at the Aubervilliers/La-Courneuve School of Music, and followed at the same time scientific and technical studies. He joined the Ircam in 1999, and there he pursued researches on room acoustics. Obtaining a PhD in 2003, he has been working since then on music creation, theatre and dance projects, for numerous structures including Ircam, the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris, the Campagnie des Musiques à Ouïr and the Centre International de Recherche Musicale. Among others, he worked with composers Philippe Leroux, Beat Furrer, Hanspeter Kyburz, Héctor Parra, Pedro Amaral, François Paris, Philippe Hurel, Vladimir Tarnopolsky, Alexandros Markéas, Fabián Panisello, Turgut Erçetin, as well as with the theatre director Jean-François Peyret, in music, theatre and dance projects melting live electronics and traditional instruments. He works regularly on artistical and technical projects requiring the development of specific solutions for sound processing, sound design, and interfacing with gesture and visual analysis systems. He is professor in Theory and Practice of Sound Engineering in the Hochschule der populären Künste FH (Berlin), and is been also regularly giving courses in sound engineering and computer music at the Hochschule für Musik Detmold as well as in music schools, universities and training institutes for music production.
    Jacopo Carreras: Website: Specialty: Soundscape design, sound spatialization techniques, dedicated multichannel studio and Max based technologies. Area of Expertise: Sound spatialization, Sound Design, complex multichannel setups and control of multiple sources in realtime, visual and sonic interactivity. Location: Rome, Italy More info: auditorium srl is the first start-up in Italy specifically focused on soundscape design, from architectural planning, to immersive installations. auditorium srl is based in Rome, but we work globally. We are Emanuele De Raymondi (Berkeley Music College), film composer and punk guitarist, and Jacopo Carreras (Sonology), cross-media and electronic music producer and long time cycler. Nicolas Déflache: please use contact form on website Website: Specialty: Sound artist (Theater, Contemporary Music), Consultant, Programmer. Area of Expertise: Max/MSP, Max4Live, IRCAM software, Audio Engineering More info: using Max since 2003
    Julien Vincenot: please use contact form on website Website:, Specialty: Composer, laptop improviser (Unmapped collective), music researcher, computer music designer/consultant, computer music teacher Area of Expertise: MaxMSP (since 2003, teaching since 2010) / electroacoustic, mixed and interactive music / interactive installations / generative music and computer-aided composition with PWGL and CommonLISP (since 2007, teaching since 2010), OpenMusic and IRCAM tools (since 2013), bach library (since 2014) / links between Max/bach and LISP based generative systems / computer-aided music analysis / constraints systems Location: Paris, France More info: CV available on my website
    Patrik Lechner: Website: Specialty: MaxMSP Audio Applications, Installations, Performances, Composition Area of Expertise: High Quality Realtime based Audio Processing/Synthesis/Analysis in Max/MSP More info: MaxMSP user since 2004. Audio Engineer, working in a Research facility(FH St.Pölten) experienced in teaching Max/MSP. Vienna based.
    Mark Linnane: Website: Areas of expertise: Audio synthesis + analysis, interactive installation, generative music, realtime performance, Max + Arduino, video manipulation, generative video More info: Max lecturer at Trinity College, Dublin. Digital artist, creative technologist and video producer, working with Max since 2001.
    Martina Menegon and Stefano D'Alessio: Please use contact form on my website Website: and Specialty: MaxMSP/Jitter based artists (visual and audio). Interactive performance and installation for Theater, Dance, Art spaces, etc. Area of Expertise: Experts in real-time based interactive performances and installations. More info: MaxMSP/Jitter users since 2009
    Ádám Siska: Please use contact form on my website Website: Specialty: Software developer, composer & laptop artist. Area of Expertise: Max/MSP development (mainly externals in C++ and Java); expertise in real-time networked performances and audio analysis & synthesis More info: I'm the author of the collection of externals entitled 'The sadam Library'; I've also contributed to several major Max-based projects since 2006. See my CV for more details.
    Lars Ullrich: Please use contact form on my website Website: Specialty: Software developer, Real time environments, OpenGL, C++, Computer vision, Tracking systems, Media art installations. Area of Expertise: See my website for more details. Location: Germany
    Juan Andrés Verdaguer: Please use contact form on my website. Website: Specialty: Max supported compositions, electronic music techniques from the 50s and 60s. Area of Expertise: integral software development with Max, including JavaScript, Jitter & GEN. Location: The Netherlands
    Luca Scapellato (LSKA): Website: Specialty: Audiovisual interactive installations, motion tracking instruments for theatre and dance. Area of Expertise: programming in Max, Jitter, MSP, GEN. Audio engineering, video art. Location: Italy
    Jean-Michel Darrémont: Please use contact form on my website Website: Specialty: Composer, Sound Artist, Sound Engineer, Programmer Area of Expertise: Max/MSP(since 2001), Open Music(since 1998), Sound and Music installations, Generative Music, IRCAM softwares, Real Time performance, ... Collaborations: Opera de Paris, Comédie Française, Hermès, Centre National des Arts du Cirque, Compagnie des Petits Champs, … Location: Paris, France
    Franz Rosati: Website: Specialty: Interactive Systems, Audio/Visual Installations, Interactive Sound Design, Computer Vision, OpenGL Area of Expertise: Freelance Music Composer, Interaction Designer, Sound & Visual Artist, Sound Designer Location: Rome, Italy
    Studio Bruyant: Website: Specialty: Playful and interactive installations for shows, events, museums, brand activations. Area of Expertise: Programming, electronics, controllers, data processing, video games, AR/VR. Location: Paris, France
    More info: We are artists and programmers, we design and produce interactive installations, for us and for others, our clients are diversified (Agencies, brands, artists, architects, …). We are specialized in gamification.

    Asia Minor

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    Middle East

    João Menezes: Website: Specialty: Programmer/Consultant Area of Expertise: Max, MSP, Arduino, Computer Vision, Java, Javascript


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    Raphael Leray (Art Frequencies): Website: Specialty: Max/MSP for audio project, Max for Live Area of Expertise: Max/MSP audio project, audio iOS development in Swift with AudioKit, Sound Design, UX, Project Management, Web Development. Location: Tokyo, Japan More info: Art Frequencies is an audio software indie company based in Tokyo/Japan aiming to provide creativity enhancing plugins and iOS app for sound designers and music producers. We provide free and paid downloadable max for live plugins, standalone max/msp patchs and iOS applications using the Swift Framework AudioKit. We are available for paid projects, commissions or partnership, feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Tobias Rosenberger: Website: Specialty: Artist / Consultant / Programmer Area of Expertise: Max, Jitter, DMX, Arduino, A/V More info: >6 months/year based in Shanghai


    Macciza Macpherson: Website: Specialty: Lemur Area of Expertise: Max, Lemur, MIDI, OSC, Custom controllers More info: Virtual/MIDI Guitarist
    Mark Bassett: Website: Specialty: Audio Education, Mastering, Sound Production, Curriculum Design. Area of Expertise: Critical Listening, Designing Technical Ear Training applications and listening tests in Max/MSP, teaching audio engineering with Max. Location: Australia More info: PhD candidate at USYD, Masters in Audio Design (Hons), Graduate Certificate in Tertiary Teaching. Experienced mastering engineer, lecturer and academic manager.