ANDREAS MOURTZOUKOS Crossover Saxophonist / Digital Artist / Digital Set Designer. The name SAXELECTRO refers to Andreas Mourtzoukos which is his official artist name, and it's involved in noumerous projects of him.  Saxelectro Generative Processing: SAXELECTRO PROJECT LIVE is Saxophone Audiovisual Performances based on Generative Processing in Sound Creation, Music Composition, Improvisation, and Visuals. Andreas Mourtzoukos aka Saxelectro is the first Greek artist that presents his artistic action personally, without any support via Live Streaming.  Since 2014 starts his own Internet Broadcasts in order to presents his Artworks around the World named Saxelectro Livestream Sessions via his website linked to www.saxelectro.com/live  Since December 2015 Andreas having expanded his knowledge about the Live streaming, updates his webcasts in HD and introduces his Educational Platform "Jazz Online Lessons". A Project which is the result of of his long career in music industry and education.