agustin genoud

    I use voice as a medium to envelope forces that inhabit me and that i elapse. I think the voice as a channeler of psychosocial and spiritual symptoms; as well as a creator and reformulator of them. I consider the voice as a practice, experience and experimentation and sound like a force of knowledge and strength. I use different technologies & technical processes to reformulate the human and biological capacities, it’s common sense, myths & traditions. My work is collaborative and intimate at the same time.
I perform my own compositions for solo voice and voice & live electronics since 2007. I’ve been heard at Sonandes Sound Art International Biennal (La Paz) / Music Makers Hack Lab CTM 2016 (Berlin) / 4th Pure Data Convention (Weimar) / Centro Nacional de la Música / The Wrong International Biennal (2017) / Tsunami Sound Art Festival (2014) / Festival Internacional de Música Experimental (2017, Sao Pablo) / Colon Theatre Experimental Centre (2011) / among many other places. I was a member of “buenisssimo” collective between 2007-2011 working on sound performance, instalation and movies and also member of the “Buenos Aires Improvisers Orchestra”. My work has been published by Audition Records, Stereo Neg Records, Jardinista!, N.A.(r)C.O. artist magazine. I actually work with composers and improvisers from Latin America and Europe. I’m vocalist of Calato (jazz-noise-improv), Im part of the experimental dance collective TRRUENO, the deffered listenings collective RÍO (Dos Santos, Zigo Rayopineal, Genoud); part of the electronic percussion group la_muerte (Volll, Astrosuka, Genoud), Огромная Родина (Zambón, Astrosuka, Genoud), & also part of the post-human ensamble LOS ODIOS.