Andy Maskell


    I'm actually a retired orthopaedic surgeon but have been a computer nerd ever since I started at university in 1978. As a musician (a bad one at that!) it seemed logical to use computers in my "creations". I've been using Cubase ever since the Atari days and have dabbled in writing software with several languages, including machine code, Fortran, Pascal and a bit of C++. Max was the logical next step. My current Max project is a substantial development of Paulo Germano's project to interface Behringher X-Touch control units to Cubase. My project has now doubled the capacity to 4 X-Touch units across 32 channels and can "hot-switch" the control desk between Cubase and a Behringer X-Mixer (XR18 or X32). It also provides full control of every button, LED and LCD display on the X-Touch, adds loads of funtionality for both applications, as well as a clock, an alarm and a timer!

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