Download Max and use it free for 30 days.

There has never been anything Max was unwilling to let me try. Sue-C, Handmade Visuals Artist and Performer
I feel like Max is such a good tool for the people that don’t know much about programming and yet still want to have control over the code for their project. Andrew Spitz, Interaction Designer

With Max 7, you can:

  • Create: Make your own tools for sound, graphics, music and interactivity in a visual environment.
  • Patch: Connect boxes together to make interactive sounds, graphics, custom effects, and rich experiences.
  • Connect: No matter what you have on your table — Arduino, controllers, synthesizers, DMX lighting, projectors, live inputs — you can probably make it talk to Max.
  • Experiment: Quickly patch together an idea, make a working prototype, or develop a complex interactive system.


Will installing Max 7 cause trouble with my earlier Max versions?

Installing Max 7 or greater will not affect installations of Max 6.1.9 and lower. However, it will overwrite any currently installed versions of Max that are 7 or greater.

There is one exception: Windows x86 and Windows x64 are separate installs. Therefore, if you install the Windows x86, it won’t overwrite the x64 install, and vice versa. (There is only one installer for Mac.)

Is there a separate runtime installer?

No. You can run, edit and save Max patches for the first 30 days. After 30 days, you can still run and edit Max patches, but you cannot save your changes without a purchased authorization.

Is there a separate Mira installer?

No. As of Max 7.0.2, Mira supporting files are included in the Max installer.

Will Max 7 work inside of Live 9 Max for Live?

Max 7 is fully supported as the Max for Live editor. Live 9.2 and Max 7.0.4 are the recommended minimum required versions. Learn about the benefits of a crossgrade to an independent version of Max 7.

Where can I get more information on the 64-bit application?

What if the download button doesn’t work for me?

Users in some territories are not able to download Max from our website. If you are experiencing problems with a download, get in touch with support.

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