Take Your Max Devices to the Next Level

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    Take Your Max Devices to the Next Level

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    The secret behind the most compelling Max devices

    Our two most advanced audio programming systems, Gen and MC, are only available with the full Max environment. Here are three devices built around these features:

    Granulator II by Robert Henke

    "At first I only saw Gen as a way to build single sample feedback loops suitable for physical models and complex filter design. But then I noticed that coding in Gen is incredibly powerful and fun in a much, much wider sense."
    ⁠- Robert Henke

    Dub Machines by Surreal Machines

    "Gen has been invaluable. All our plugin work is prototyped in Gen first."
    ⁠- Pete Dowling, Surreal Machines

    Inspired by Nature by Dillon Bastan

    "MC offers a new kind of sound design tool. That became apparent when I could simply create many instances of delay lines and manipulate their parameters to get some instantly gratifying results."
    ⁠- Dillon Bastan


    Listen to the patch

    Gen is a visual toolbox for developing efficient sound processes at the single-sample level. Gen offers an accessible entry point to exploring low-level DSP programming. Whether for emulating analog filters, creating custom reverbs, or designing your own synthesis engine, Gen opens up a deeper space of signal crafting within Max. The book Generating Sound & Organizing Time is a rich source of ideas and practical approaches for working with Gen.


    MC is a new multichannel patching capability of Max introduced in Max 8. With MC, multiple signal channels are combined into a single patchcord, which radically simplifies patching complex audio ideas and multichannel processes. By simply adding "mc." to any signal processing object in Max, you gain the ability to generate and process multiple signals.

    All MC-enabled objects support a variety of messages to generate settings across multiple signal channels, making it easy to set up a bank of oscillators in a harmonic series or a cluster of delays with randomized intervals. You'll be amazed at the rich sounds and sophisticated effects that are enabled by MC.

    Listen to the patch

    Additional Features Included with Max

    • Launch and use Max independently of Ableton Live
    • Direct access to Audio Drivers in Max w/ multichannel support
    • Unlimited MIDI port usage, including hardware control messages (sysex, program change, etc)
    • Add RNBO to export your patching to VST, web, and embedded targets. Learn more…

    Max, Ableton, and Cycling '74

    Cycling '74 is dedicated to expanding the creative possibilities of software through the Max visual programming environment. Since 1998, we have supported artists working at the edges of music technology with Max. We've been working with Ableton on Max for Live for well over 15 years, and since 2017 we've been a part of the Ableton family.