Expand your Ableton Live setup with Max for video effects processing, multichannel surround, and standalone application creation.

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  • Standalone Applications

    Convert your Max Project into a standalone application that can be shared and distributed to everyone. Develop your own unique applications complete with audio, video, and MIDI capabilities.

    Giorgio Sancristoforo: Sound Artist

    "Plain and simple: Max is the best tool for electronic music since the invention of the audio oscillator."

  • Video

    Control visuals with audio, MIDI, or any other data source. Integrate vector graphics, compositing effects, color manipulations, and videos.

    Tarik Barri: Audiovisual Composer

    "I make music and moving images. With software that I write myself, I combine video and audio to create audiovisual compositions and live performances. The visuals inspire the sounds and the sounds inspire the visuals."

  • Multichannel Surround

    With readymade tools for surround mixing and limitless audio routing possibilities, Max lets you break free of stereo and expand into spatialized sound. Design sound and compose music that moves through space.

    Jody Elff: Sound Designer for The Ascent

    "Since Max doesn't make any assumptions about how you are supposed to work, it allows you to solve unconventional problems in unique ways. Particularly with large numbers of signal busses for site-specific installations, this is extremely liberating."

  • Prototyping

    As an Ableton Live user, you’re already experiencing the result when musicians can build their tools. Did you know the original concepts behind Live were first prototyped in Max? Ableton’s Push controller was prototyped and tested using Max.


Purchase Options

Ableton Live 9 Suite and Max for Live users can crossgrade to Max for $299. Max includes MSP, Jitter, and Gen.

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