Educational Institutions

    Institutions all over the world have integrated Max into their classrooms, labs, and performance spaces. Max is an ideal teaching tool that introduces students to the world of media technology with an intuitive graphical interface.

    At the same time, Max can be used as a platform for advanced research via Javascript and C++ APIs, the unique Gen language for DSP and visual effects, and thousands of third-party extensions. We provide a variety of options for students and institutions to use Max.

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    Workshops and Events

    You can learn Max at workshops sponsored by organizations including Harvestworks (New York), Women’s Audio Mission (San Francisco), and IRCAM (Paris). Max users are regularly sharing their work at gatherings large and small, from Ableton’s annual Loop event to our irregularly scheduled meet-ups we call Max Connect.

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    Max in Translation

    We’ve partnered with MI7 Japan and Francisco Colasanto at CMMAS in Mexico to create Japanese and Spanish versions of Max 7. There are also books on learning Max available in Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, and even English.

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    Teach Yourself Max

    Some people dive right into Max and get started by exploring taking apart other patches. Once you decide to really learn what's going on, you won't be alone. Max includes interactive learning tools and extensive documentation. You can also call upon an active and helpful Forum community and endless hours of YouTube tutorials to guide you.

    For more in-depth instruction, there is a growing list of trainers, consultants, and online courses you can call upon to assist you in your journey to Max mastery.

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