An iPad app that automatically connects to Max and mirrors your interface.

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  • It's easy to connect your iPad to Max.

    Mira takes care of all the network communication under the hood, so you can start controlling your Max patches right away. Just drop a mira.frame object into your patch, and supported UI objects in that region will show up in Mira.

  • Control your Max patches.

    Connect Mira to any number of Max patches from a single iPad or create multiple views of a single patch. Mira directly controls your patch without any additional objects. There are no OSC or MIDI messages to wrangle, no external editor, and no extra patching required.
    Photo: Noah Bernstein

  • Build a modular control rig from a single patch.

    Each mira.frame you add in Max creates a new tabbed view in Mira. Combine multiple mira.frames to create different sets of controls that are available instantly.



  • Automatically control any number of patches from your device
  • New mira.frame objects create viewable regions in your patch
  • Use multiple mira.frames to create any number of tabbed views in Mira
  • Most UI objects in a mira.frame will appear in Mira
  • New mira.multitouch object allows for gestural control
  • New mira.motion object sends accelerometer data from your device
  • Zoom and pan to tweak views on your device
  • Multiple instances of Mira can control a single patch for collaborative performance
  • Works over WiFi or an ad-hoc network

Supported Objects

  • button, live.button
  • toggle, live.toggle
  • dial, live.dial
  • slider, live.slider, rslider, multislider, kslider
  • live.tab, live.text, live.grid
  • comment
  • panel
  • fpic
  • message box
  • number, flonum, live.numbox
  • gain~, meter~
  • mira.multitouch, mira.motion
  • umenu
  • swatch

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