RNBO Guitar Pedals

    Great sounding effects created with RNBO for you to use, copy, and export 

    Ready to Use Effects

    RNBO Guitar Pedals include 30+ classic effects that are ready to drop into your own Max and RNBO patches or use inside of Ableton Live. Each one is crafted to provide both familiar tones and the option to push things beyond the usual limits.

    Each effect includes built-in presets to guide your exploration and get great sounds instantly.

    Built with the Benefits of RNBO

    Use them as building blocks in RNBO, or dig in and learn how these different effects work. Each of the patches is documented in detail to provide an explanation of how it works.

    The guitar pedals can be exported to any of RNBO’s code export targets, and deployed to Raspberry Pi hardware, web page, VST or used in a C++ project.

    How to Get RNBO Guitar Pedals

    Click here to open the RNBO Guitar Pedals in the Max 8 (8.5+) Package Manager. Click on “Install” to download the package and add it to your Max install. Find the RNBO Guitar Pedals launch patcher in the Extras menu in Max to get started. The package also includes several guitar and instrumental samples to use.

    Crafted by Manuel Poletti

    Manuel Poletti has contributed high-quality Max patches to Cycling ‘74 for over a decade - including many of the examples in Max, the Max for Live Building Blocks and Audio Routes Live Packs, and the AudioMix package. Manuel’s patches are consistently well-documented and informative, and informed by his own instrumental practice.