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  • Inexpensive steadicams? really?

    So, you think that the web is just a bunch of ranting and sixties lampshades over, and over again? Well, cheer up--some kind soul has posted instructions for making your own steadycam using humble hardware store parts. I think we all owe the guy a drink.

  • Naomi Klein's stock has taken a jump on my personal index today...

  • Another defense for murder down the tubes….

    The news that Hostess' parent company has filed for Chapter 11 protection is disturbing...

  • Reasons to be radiophonically happy

    My first introduction to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy wasn't those lovely books by Douglas Adams (who I miss very much)--it was the original BBC radio series (Note: you can get it as an MP3-cd collection).

  • Current events in the Post Office queue

    In a similar vein, here is a fascinating article on recent developments surrounding the interpretation of Shari'a, the Islamic legal code. Having reading like this (and this available to us is a great antidote to a lot of the ignorance that characterizes current discourse. Let us bless all those who light the candle rather than cursing in the darkness.

  • Nourishing opportunities for imagination (book pointer)

    This excerpt from Richard Dawkins' new book The Ancestor's Tale: a Pilgrimage to the Dawn of Evolution apparently engages with an intriguing line of inquiry: If evolution could be re-run, how might the story end differently?

  • Joysticks and javascript (fruit on the bottom)

    I just wanted something like the joystick. Since, as Martin Luther points out, "It is easier to tear down than to build," I decided to make a stripped-down Javascript object that would do what I wanted. I thought I'd share it with you.

  • Political blogging and the road trip

    While I enjoy the thrill of political bloggery as much as the next person, and check in with Joshua Micah Marshall and the vain, young, trash-mouthed skank more commonly known as our beloved Wonkette regularly and with interest and pleasure, I've run across an interesting bit of work quite by accident (I was looking for information about super shrimpy atomic clocks, if you must know).

  • Flocking analog synthesis (more Max/Moog Modular V fun)

    While I'm generally interested in generative systems, I've been toying with and thinking about flocking algorithms for the past year or so

  • Geek x retro x bard =

    In the midst of all the shoe collections and other diverting ephemera that is the web, one occasionally finds something amazing. How about hi-rez scans of Shakespeare's plays in their original quarto, and the ability to compare versions without having to schlep to St Pancras to the British Library? Sorry to be such a geek about this stuff, but hey....

  • Recording absences

    Someone called me during my radio program last night and wanted to know about artists who, like Moby, had appropriated traditional folk musics into their work.

  • _, _, burning bright/in the forests of the night

    We think of demilitarized zones (no, not the computer kind, the real ones like Cypriot Green Zones, the Korean DMZ and the Romulan and Klingon Neutral Zones) as many things: testing grounds for carcinogenic herbicides, graveyards, and so on. But this one caught me up short: DMZs as wildlife preserves?

  • Transliterations (Oh, so *that’s* it….)

    I have heard it said several times and in several places that followers of Islam prefer to be referred to as "Muslim" rather than "Moslem," but no one ever explained the why of it to me.

  • Sound and vision

    I've been thinking about designers who make noise today.

  • Mapping your ethical data space

    I'm not sure quite what prompted this, and the graphics have had to depart from standard flowcharting style, but here is an interesting exercise for that Ethics 101 class you got stuck teaching or attending this term: an easy guide to the ethics of CD ripping...

  • Culture spaces!

    One of the blessings of love is what others bring into our life. Or rather, what others may leave lying on the coffee table for us to stumble across...

  • “Nothing triggers latent genius like Flash” (Wally)

    "Nothing triggers latent genius like Flash" (Wally)

  • 20 questions

    You been polled yet?

  • Look! The pictures are dancing!

    One might be forgiven for assuming that I was totally uninterested in a single moment of more television after the exciting spectacle of the New York convention, and that I might be drawn instead to a good book, strong drink, or downloadable Zep videos starring fierce kitties...

  • Loss, sorrow, and the small details

    For all the cheerful chatter about objects that fill the world and the pleasures (great and small) that fill our lives, the facts of fragility and transience remain; all the lists we can make and fill and all the bunkers we can build and all the sizzling neural bundles we can muster will put those reliable nonfictions to flight only for a moment...

  • Truly, we live in a golden age

    Please ignore my previous mutterings about why I'd want to horse around with my microwave or the robovacuum--I have proof that Bluetooth is good for something after all!

  • And I’ll probably feel a whole lot better….

    It's probably normal to be concerned that one is spending time and effort in the presence of important events and providing nothing but entertaining distractions...

  • Well said, Mr. Gopnik

    There's a readerly equivalent to hearing that absolutely godlike bit of a pop song: the well-turned phrase that says something with greater precision than you yourself could manage, but manages to do so in a way that doesn't leave you feeling stupid and inarticulate...

  • (Un)conventional mediatic incursions

    Every citizen who hates America is supposed to be watching the current Republican Potemkin village of a convention, whereby we are assured that the party is in the hands of moderate Republicans and compassionate conservatives...

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