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  • Performance and Installation Using the Lady's Glove to build relationships.

  • NAMM • Anaheim, CA • January 19, 2006 - Cycling '74 today announced revision software 1.3 for the JazzMutant Lemur Multi-touch control surface. The forthcoming update will be available via download for all current Lemur customers. New software features in version 1.3 allow the Lemur to be reconfigured in powerful ways from a host computer via the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

  • MIDI and the Lemur

    The JazzMutant Lemur is an incredibly versatile control surface for media applications. It allows you to create an interface match your performance needs, and communicates with your computer through an Ethernet connection (using the Open Sound Control messaging system). Unfortunately, there are relatively few software packages that speak OSC natively, so “bridge” software has been required to interface between OSC and the more common MIDI communication path.

  • "Drawing" on Ornette Coleman: synthesis control using a graphics tablet.Watch Matt's video.

  • Controller workshop: From do-it-yourself tablas (with sponges!) to the Lemur. Watch Ali's video.

  • An Interview With William Kleinsasser

    In the last 20 years William Kleinsasser has received national and international recognition in competitions, conferences and festivals by pushing technology to its limits. The c74 CD Available Instruments showcases the composer's ability to adapt digital technology to the orchestral environment. In this interview with David Zicarelli, Kleinsasser discusses the fundamental challenges facing computer music, and connects the dots between yesterday's tape music and his modern interactive compositions for computers and traditional acoustic performers.

  • An Interview with Barney Haynes

    Barney has been working in the fields of reactive installation and invasive media for 10 years.

  • Cycling '74 today announced a special workshop on Cycling '74 products at the San Francisco Apple Store. As part of a series Apple hosts, this workshop will feature Product Specialist Gregory Taylor at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 25th at the San Francisco Apple Store located at One Stockton Street in downtown San Francisco.

  • MI7 To Distribute Cycling ’74 Software In Europe

    MI7, a distribution company for Media and Music Production Solutions based in Malmo, Sweden, and Cycling '74, a software company based in San Francisco, today announced a distribution agreement in which MI7 will distribute the entire Cycling '74 product line in Europe.

  • Cycling '74, a San Francisco-based music software company, and the French company JazzMutant SAS today announced the signing of an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement. Under the terms of the agreement, Cycling '74 will distribute JazzMutant's Lemur multitouch control surface within the United States. The Lemur is a sleek portable controller for live performance computer music applications featuring a 12" LCD display and a proprietary touch screen interface that can simultaneously track multiple fingers.

  • Gluion now available

    The gluion interfaces sensors to your computer via OSC so can be used with Max/MSP, pd, or SuperCollider (among others).

  • Juha Vehviläinen writes "Fingerworks have released a new firmware and sdk for their multi-touch devices that allow output of raw finger position data. I've made an external to grab this data...

  • JazzMutant: Lemur

    Recently there's been a lot of talk about this new multitouch LCD controller. JazzMutant website. "LEMUR is a handy and modular touchpanel based controller designed for audio and multimedia real-time applications. Our technology associates multitouch capabilities with visual display. LEMUR is provided with an extensible library of User Interface Objects such as faders, switchs, pads, keyboards, strings, etc."

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