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  • Jitter Recipes: Book 1, Recipes 0-12

    Book 1 contains some clever solutions, advanced trans-coding techniques, groovy audio/visual toys, and basic building blocks for more complex processing.

  • A Workshopping Spree

    My colleagues Andrew and Meg and I headed over to the new Recombinant Media Labs facility last week for a fun-filled week of Max workshoppery.

  • NAMM • Anaheim, CA • January 19, 2006 - Cycling '74 today announced revision software 1.3 for the JazzMutant Lemur Multi-touch control surface. The forthcoming update will be available via download for all current Lemur customers. New software features in version 1.3 allow the Lemur to be reconfigured in powerful ways from a host computer via the OSC (Open Sound Control) protocol.

  • iCE Externals Released

    iCE allows users to build composing frameworks, data storage and processing systems, and user interfaces for all manner of sequencing directly within Max/MSP. iCE is the Swiss army knife of sequencing and it's stylish too. Use iCE to quickly build your own fully working sequencer to your own specifications and never touch Logic, Cubase or Pro Tools again. *Note, DSPaudio is addressing multi-tracking in the future, so get ready to work entirely in Max/MSP.

  • Controller workshop: From do-it-yourself tablas (with sponges!) to the Lemur. Watch Ali's video.

  • Angela Lorenz, a graphic designer and Max user, creates automated design and visuals.

  • Installation and Performance Fabricating the interfaced machine. Watch Barney's video.

  • An Interview With Bob Ostertag

    Bob Ostertag is a music school dropout who has since performed all over the world and has collaborated with the likes of John Zorn, Fred Frith, drag diva Justin Bond, and the Kronos Quartet. In this interview he describes his creative process and what inspires him to design his technological instruments.

  • An Interview With Luke DuBois

    Luke DuBois is a teacher at Columbia University in New York City, and a member of the famous Freight Elevator Quartet, whose "Fix It In Post" CD is making waves as the first release on the C74 record label. In this conversation with Gregory Taylor, Luke shares stories of synthesizer part scrounging, the early days of the Freight Elevator Quartet, and some of his most inspiring students' projects.

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