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the new new new monolake step-sequencer (extensive graphic ui, including max 4 features)

Feb 09 2016 | 10:58 am

I’ve re.zipped this incase some people can’t deal with .sit

This will open in Max7 but needs to have all of the dependencies in the right place. Additionally you will also need to make some modifications for it to be fully operational. Shift+Cmd when opening to be able to resize and edit.

Max for Live (single track version): http://www.maxforlive.com/library/device.php?id=235

Feb 11 2016 | 7:59 am

Hi all,
this version is totally outdated. I would not recommend using it. There is a nice single track M4L device that is much nicer and will be available with a new update soon from my website:


The PX 18 will be there by the end of February in a optimized version for Live 9.5 / Max 7

Best, Robert

Feb 11 2016 | 3:23 pm

hapi birsday kleiner robert :D

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