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A few useful abstractions I’ve created to help me out in my everyday patching. Some simple and some not-so-simple stuff, just a little something.

Here’s a brief description of the contents (more detailed description in the README.maxpatt file) automates a stream of input.
lao.auto2: identical to [] but works with two inputs simultaneously (e.g. for use with [pictslider]
lao.divbang: outputs a [bang] after X bangs have been received
lao.hoh: “hit or hold”, if you hit a key it changes one toggle; if you hold that key for more than 100ms it shows a different toggle, which shows 1 for as long as that key is pressed and 0 when it’s lifted.
lao.kkup: a combination of [key] and [keyup], it outputs 1 when a specified key is held down, and 0 when it is released mutually-exclusive toggles; cross-attach a lao.mxt object with an argument (e.g. lao.mxt lolz) to a toggle, and any similar instances (and other toggles cross-attached to lao.mxt toggles with the same argument) will be mutually exclusive, even if they are put in subpatchers. the argument/group can be changed through the second inlet
lao.nipplebang: n-ple bang, it outputs a bang if X bangs have been received within Y milliseconds
lao.rand: a randomiser with more options, you can define minimum and maximum values, as well as step size (works with floats and negative numbers too)

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Feb 25 2011 | 2:21 pm

very handy, thank you!!

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