M4L Universal Step Sequencer

Universal Step Sequencer V1.0 (10th september 2013)
an XOX Universal step sequencer to control ableton live devices.

You can drive up to 2 Ableton live parameters in a STEP SEQUENCER mode :-)

- put on a track an audio clip,
- put on the same track the M4L Universal Step Sequencer.
- choose one ableton live device (beat repeat audio effects for instance)
- click on ‘map’ on the M4L module and select the parameter you want to control :-)
- click on RANDOM or draw your own steps sequence.
- listen to the results :-)
- enjoy!

You can get nice surprising sequenced effects!


Main Functions
- You can control up to 2 ableton live device parameters
- You can RANDOMIZE the step sequence values,
- You can change the direction, playing forward or reverse
- You can select the speed for each row -> 1/16, 1/8, 1/32, etc.
- you can change the length of the sequence from 1 step to 16 steps.
- all the functions can be mapped on your favorite midi controller.