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MIDItoMessage js and patch

A totally awesome javascript that works in tandem with the midiin and midiout objects. This is a simpler version of the MIDI engine in Livid‘s Cell and CellDNA video mixing software.
MIDI to Message provides a means of latching a MIDI control to a message and value that you would use in your patch. It works well in tandem with the pattr system, thispatcher, OSC, and sends. (I personally like using it with pattrstorage).
In short, this javascript lets you
• learn MIDI controls to parameters in your patch
• scale MIDI values to the range appropriate for your parameter
• takes the learned messages in, and translates to MIDI for bidirectional feedback (for controllers like the Livid Ohm64, block, code, and OhmRGB, and inferior products like the Novation Launchpad and APC series :) )
• saves and recalls the maps of MIDI to messages to/from a JSON file

You could easily adapt this to work with the computer keyboard and OSC-based controllers like the monome.


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