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Midi-Key Mapper

Quickly and easily map a midi controller or computer keyboard to any object in a patch.

  • Automatically saves mappings with patch or save/load from separate file.
  • Built in scaling (linear, exponential, or logarithmic) to chosen minimum, maximum with arbitrary rounding.
  • Supports endless encoders

Installation: Unzip MaxMapper.zip into a folder in Max’s search path and move maxMapperClip.maxpat into Max’s clipping folder. Add maxMapperClip to any patch through the clipping menu.


  • Enter midi device abbreviations into indicated textbox to enable those devices for mapping.
  • Click “Learn” to start learning new mappings.
  • Click object to be mapped to select (green indicates object is ready to be mapped)
  • Move midi controller or press key to map.
  • While in learning mode green markers are displayed above the upper left corner of each object mapped and the marker can be clicked to display/edit its settings.
  • While in chasing mode the last controller/key touched is displayed and its settings can be edited. A green background means it is mapped, gray if not.
  • When a new controller/key is mapped if it is of the same type (controller, note or key) as the last displayed it will use those settings  (i.e. min, max…)

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