128 to CC with scalable output

    Get continuos control messages (cc) from a 0-127 midi device.
    This takes 0-127 midi input and mimics a continuos controller message. When the midi controller hits 127 this will continue to output increasing numbers (and vice-versa below zero) into Max.
    The controller in must be 0-127 (unless you get in there and reprogram in). It has limitations and much room for improvement. Float friendly.
    The tabbed box scales the output (good for a 0.-1. floating point system).
    This should be helpful for people still figuring Max out (like me). I made this because I could't find a version of it, I'm sure there are better ways to do this but this is working for now. I use it with a midi learn system.
    - https://cycling74.com/author/9425/