arlab. objects

    Created out of a desire to turn Max/MSP into a rapid prototyping environment for AR/MR/VR, we built upon the Cosm objects allowing us to quickly adapt Max to collect and interpret tracking data from our Intersense tracking grid.
    These are the newest in the set of helper objects for Cosm in order to create Augmented Reality environments in Max/MSP. Greatly simplified workflow in order to get you up and running quickly in your own space. You don’t need a tracking system in order to take advantage of the navigational hotkeys supplied by the Cosm objects.
    *Requires a full install of the Cosm library and the Intersense tracking .dylib for communicating with an Intersense VETracker grid. See is900.maxhelp for instructions.

    • Apr 26 2012 | 7:25 am
      Doesn't install with MAX 6 & Mac OS 10.7 — is this an Apple thing or MAX 6?