bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat
    stereo and 5-Channel surround soundfile granulators
    Notes on the patches
    -       Both patches are essentially identical except for the method of spatialisation
    -       The patches are distributed free for your use, however if you do something cool with them, I’d love to hear about it
    -       The patching is not extremely tidy, so I apologise in advance for any confusion if you decide to ‘pop the hood’
    -       These patches have been tested on MaxMSP 5.1.2 on Mac OSX 10.6.8 only. There shouldn’t be anything in the patch that is foreign to max users – and all externals/abstraction needed have been supplied in this download
    Files included:
    Parent files:
    bc.granulator-stereo.maxpat and bc.granulator-surround.maxpat
    External objects/abstractions:
    vbap.mxo and vbap.help – “Vector Based Amplitude Panning” object developed by Ville Pulkki (this object is from 2006 - there may be a more recent version of this object online somewhere)
    mygranpoly-files.maxpat and mygranpoly-files_vbap.maxpat – poly~ abstractions needed for polyphonic voice management in the patch
    grooveduck2.maxpat and grooveduck2.maxhelp – stereo groove~ object with amplitude reduction at loop points (possible that you already have this from the standard MaxMSP distribution)
    transRatio.maxpat and transRatio.maxhelp – little tool to convert intervals to pitch ratios (possible that you already have this from the standard MaxMSP distribution, developed by Emmanuel Jourdan)