BPM to Millisecond Converter [TK.bpmtoms]

    This object takes tempo information and converts it into a millisecond value, which can be used for tempo-synched delays, tempo-synched LFOs, or anything else that you would like "tempo-synched."
    Tool Files
    • TK.bpmtoms
    • (Ignore this link, it is deprecated)

    • Dec 20 2011 | 11:44 pm
      We are learning Ableton Live and in the brief description you gave about your focus and how it relates to the experience of music is perfect. Being on the edge, pushing the envelope, and understanding that what we are doing is developing, creating, recreating, aiding in the evolution of the experience of music. This idea is key to me and my band, Opposite The Satellite. Feeling like I am on the right track finally. Is this the download we need to synchronize as well as develope the lights and the sounds? If not, what would be the best with Ableton ? Perhaps somethiung you have created yourself already?
    • Feb 10 2012 | 11:50 am
      Thanks so much Andrew! Yeah you can definitely use this to sync lights as well, basically if you can get the bpm information into Max from Ableton than this object will spit out an appropriate ms value you can use to drive metros/qmetros, etc.