datamatrix (M4L jitter)

    datamatrix is a Max/Jitter instrument that generates visuals by analysing the audio input. The look of visuals is inspired by Ryoji Ikeda's clean and minimal style (try to use the patch with the audio from Ikeda's great performance 'Test Pattern' in Barcelona 2010 -you can find it on youtube as 'datamatrix'. Of course it was not my purpose to "copy" his entire VJset so some of the fragmentation effects he uses are missing to avoid that). Use it for studying, share it, and please email me if you do something nice with it or if you work to modify/improve it. I'll be very glad: francesco.grani (at)
    Usage: just Insert this visual module on you master channel in Ableton Line or elsewhere you find it useful. A floating video window is created when you insert the instrument: its purpose is to be dragged on a secondary screen for projection.Every parameter of the patch can be controlled via MIDI.

    • vletrmx1878
      Nov 26 2014 | 3:47 pm
      Great work on datamatrix, Im looking to develop something similar to this for my final year project in college , I have developed a basic patch using jit.graph in max for live and do not know where to go after that. Any tips would be greatly appreciated
    • Lux Rift's icon
      Lux Rift's icon
      Lux Rift
      Jan 20 2015 | 3:28 pm
      This is well done, I too have ideas to make this kind of effect or something like it. I'm just starting to learn Max for Live. Thanks for sharing :)
    • rdomain's icon
      rdomain's icon
      Nov 03 2018 | 10:50 am
      Thank you!