DJster Autobus is based on Clarence Barlow’s legacy real-time pitch and rhythm generator AUTOBUSK, originally running on the Atari ST computer. The device has 12 parameters which control various musical textures that encompass a wide range from tonal to atonal and from rhythmic to arhythmic structures, with strong allusions to historical and ethnic styles. The device reads text files containing the definitions of scales and meters and also opens .scl files from the scala library with well over 4000 different scales. The device improvises according to probability distributions – based on theoretical research conducted by Barlow in the 1970’s – and uses a sound font player and/or a sampler for microtonal playback. Documentation for the original program is available at
    DJster derives its name from Barlow’s principle of the indigestibility of a number and  should be pronounced | ˈdīˈjestər |. I also like its similarity to jester, gesture and deejay.
    The installer also contains resources for the and MaxScore environments as well as additional Max patches introducing the theories behind DJster.

    • Xavier van Wersch
      Mar 26 2020 | 2:24 am
      I really need to get back in touch with Autobusk again. I was actually considering dusting off my good old STe when I found this. Only problem is, I can't open the .dmg... Any chance you could provide the files in a .zip?