Dual Video Mixer

    This is a project put together with the new VIZZIE modules (some modified,) a little bit of AUVI, some pieces of code found here and there all to create a live video mixer with loads of effects. There are two video streams, each can be either a live video feed or a video file. There are a set of effects for each stream that can be daisy-chained together using a matrix. Each effect can be on or bypassed. Also each effect has a wet/dry mix control mixing the effected video with the original video input. The two streams are then mixed for output. This output stream can also be modulated by audio, either a file or live input. There are two types of modulation available, one just twiddles the pixels based on the audio level. The other modulates the separate RGB channels, based on the levels set by low/mid/high audio filters. This is a prototype, forgive the user interface, but most the controls are pretty obvious. The patch requires a large screen, or patience scrolling around. The video output is a separate window for full-screen fun on a separate monitor. Enjoy...

    • Amit
      Jan 18 2011 | 2:11 pm
      Thanks for sharing! :)
    • Frank Shwa's icon
      Frank Shwa's icon
      Frank Shwa
      May 26 2011 | 10:06 am
      Cool cant wait to try this out. thanks!
    • mr boy's icon
      mr boy's icon
      mr boy
      Oct 11 2011 | 3:28 pm
      Would it be possible for you to publish the sound source patch? I love to use it